Why Should You Choose a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Navigating the world of senior housing can be complex, especially when most communities concentrate on one to two services exclusively. Senior housing services include Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory/Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care, Skilled Nursing or Rehabilitation. While some people may remain independent for most of their lives, others may require additional services in Assisted Living or specialization in Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, or Rehabilitation after an accident or surgery. If the place that you’re living does not have access to the services that you or your spouse/loved one may need, then you will need to relocate to have access to these services. This can be frustrating if you’re living in a strictly Independent Living community or your own standalone home which you were planning on staying in for an extended period of time. Should your needs change while living in a (strictly) independent community or your standalone home, you do not have access to any services and would require costly In-Home Care. In addition, the stressors and logistics of packing up your home and moving can be overwhelming and costly to seniors. This is why seniors choose to think ahead and move to continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), as they provide a continuum of care all under one roof and won’t require you to move should your needs change.

Memory Care at Senior Living Communities

Independent Living Communities vs. Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Independent Living is for those who are able to live on their own and don’t require any assistance. You may see ‘Independent Living Homes’ advertised in the form of retirement villages, seniors only communities and 55+ housing. Retirement communities may offer more than one service, which is why it is important to ask which services they have, because it may only be Independent Living and Assisted Living. While a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offers a full continuum of care services under one roof, meaning that no matter what stage of aging you may encounter or how your needs, there is no relocation required. CCRC services include Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation (Physical, Occupational, Speech-Language Therapy).

Same Amenities, More Opportunities for Care Services

Most senior living communities tout an assortment of amenities which will depend on the community. For example, your home may include maintenance free living, where your home repairs, maintenance and exterior are maintained in the living costs. Amenities can include community activities, beauty salon/barbershop, game rooms, golf courses, fitness centers & swimming pools, and of course, social events. However, as you age, you or your spouse/loved one may require additional assistance which you won’t be able to receive if a community solely offers independent living. To ensure that your health and care needs are met, you will need to hire private caregivers, which can be costly. Living at a Continuing Care Retirement Community, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the great amenities that a retirement village/55+ housing community has PLUS you’ll have access to care services within the community. Moving into a CCRC will ensure that you won’t have to break a contract to sell your home, which can be a lengthy process when you or your spouse/loved one are in need of care services immediately. Moving to a CCRC means you’ll be able to age in place and never have to move again, regardless of any health issues that may arise. You will have access to Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation all in one place.

Care Services at Senior Living Communities
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