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Part #1 – Aperitif

I’m not new to aging, but I am new to this age. The age where my balance is mischievous, reaction times lazy, and my agility is sometimes asleep at the wheel. I love my life.

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Part #2 – The Research

Cyber everything! I cyber researched, cyber messaged, cyber found. I also unintentionally cyber signed up for a slew of newsletters, chat groups, financial reports and host of other general interest fluff.

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Part #3 – The Tours

During our explorations we were influenced by inviting aromas, similar to Christmas morning’s past, and conversely, a few odors so disingenuous we didn’t speak about.

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Part #4 – Downsizing

I like to refer to this next chapter as a pain in the keister. For me, it wasn’t the physicality of downsizing that was difficult, though it did have its challenges, rather it was the emotional toll that tested me.

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Part #5 – Welcome Home

It hit us one day, though it was at our fingertips from day one, just how much life was available. Now we want to socialize, dive into our hobbies and interests.

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Part #6 – Pets Welcome

Listen, whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, we can all agree that people are a little partial to one or the other. I’m not going to try and convince cat people that us dogs are way better. I’m here to tell you about a life best lived at my owners’ community.

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