Your Home, Your Way

A common misconception of moving to a retirement community is that you’ll lose your independence and freedom in your new home. Most people envision moving into a box-shaped room with sterile white walls, scratchy furniture, and someone who is checking on you 24/7. Our mission at Senior Living Communities is to keep Members independent and carefree in their own home for as long as possible. We do this by providing in-home care services within our community, allowing our Members to live by their own schedule. When it comes to your living space, our Member have the freedom to choose the layout of their home and customize it as they see fit. Having a home that fits your needs and being able to personalize it truly makes it comfortable and a cozy place to call your own.

Designer Interior

When you’re in the process of researching a retirement community, you’re going to see plenty of basic floor plans listed on the community website and need to determine which one is correct for you and your needs. While Senior Living Communities does have a variety of floorplans available in our communities, the personalization magic begins when you’re able to visit and tour to get a better sense of the spaces that you may call home. Our Lifestyle Advisors are here to advise you about the retirement process, whether that’s at our community or somewhere else. They are happy to walk you through the renovation process and how our floor plans can be adapted to your preferences. This allows our future Members to truly imagine themselves in an environment that fits their perfect retirement. Each of our homes has a complete refurbishment done to it as soon as the previous owners vacate. All of the tile, carpet, appliances, cabinets, and more are removed allowing the new owners to have a blank slate.

Designer Interior

Once you have made the decision to live in one of our communities, your customization journey begins. At each community, you’re going to meet with a Move-In Coordinator who works directly with our design specialists and contractors to create a beautiful new home. Your floor plans are customized to your specifications. If you want to switch your second closet into a bathroom, it’s done and our Move-In Coordinator will make that happen. You sit down and choose everything from the types of paint you want on your walls to what finish you want your door hinges to have. This gives our Members a level of control that allows them to feel more connected when they are first moving into their new home.

We’re proud to be able to provide our Members with their dream home. “I have people ask me all the time if they can change this or that. My answer is always the same. YES, this is YOUR home” said one of our move-in coordinators. While you think you may be losing your freedom and independence moving into a retirement community, at Senior Living Communities, your freedom and independence begin right when you walk through the door of your new home.