When is the Best Time to Move to a Retirement Community?

When is the best time to move to a retirement community? When you are ready, of course. When you’re ready to surrender everyday burdens and simplify life’s chaotic schedule of must-do’s. More specifically though, you’ll need to determine when it’s financially and logistically the best time to move into a retirement community. Take into consideration when retirement communities offer their best move-in deals and specials, when will the weather most likely cooperate, and when will it be less of a headache to plan and coordinate so many variables? Below are several factors, explained in detail, to take into consideration during this exciting time.

What Kind of Move-In Specials do Retirement Communities Offer?

First, let’s look at what type of senior living discounts to look for. As any savvy consumer understands, comparing current pricing is easy, but long-term planning is the key to winning big. Industry pricing fluctuations, reactions to the economy and even seasonal trends can have a sizable impact on the bottom line. Here are the most popular discounts that retirement communities offer:

  • Extended rate lock
  • Reduced monthly service fee or rent
  • Community fees may be reduced or waived. (A community fee is also referred to as an entrance fee)
  • Free customization or upgrades to homes and apartments
  • Community voucher for extra services such as dining, housekeeping and transportation

Many retirement communities have move-in specials during their fill-up phase. Communities put in herculean efforts to move in as many residents as quickly as possible, in order to increase occupancy. This is an opportune time to leverage your position as a potential resident. You may even be able to negotiate additional savings, depending on the community’s census. Keep in mind, no matter how favorable the incentives, a new building does not mean a better retirement experience. Always perform your due diligence by visiting sister properties and comparing other communities.

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Best Time of Year to Move to a Retirement Community?

Single-family homes and apartment rental transactions have distinct moving seasons. Buying, selling and moving all are at peak levels May through August. Families with children, recent graduates and job hunters rely heavily on summers months to complete their transitions. If you make a move during these months, expect to pay premium prices for moving companies, additional labor, rental equipment and storage facilities. During peak season, moving costs can increase as much as 25%.

Holiday seasons also bring their own set of unique considerations. Holidays can be stressful without the additional weight of planning and executing a move. Many people reply on friends and family to help, so utilizing family proximity during the holiday season can be beneficial. However, it also means that you’ll spend less time relaxing and enjoying the holiday season. Below are the best times for an easier transition to a retirement community:

  • Non-rainy seasons
  • Non-peak moving months
  • Before or after holidays
  • When you’re Ready

When Do Most People Move to a Senior Living Community?

Trends for moving into a retirement community, specifically independent living, tend to mirror the residential real estate market. Late Spring through Summer has the highest amount of transitional activity. Listed below in order of highest to lowest, is the Independent Living move-in activity by season:

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Winter

If you enjoy packing in as much excitement as possible during the winter holidays, stretching yourself thin and shouldering copious amounts of stress, then you should attempt a move sometime in November or December. Otherwise, plan for Spring in order to beat the heat and the hustle and bustle of moving season. You’ll enjoy a plentiful selection of transition services, ideal weather conditions and lower associated costs.

Best Advice for Moving to a Retirement Community

Let’s put savings accounts, pensions and stock portfolio’s aside. At the end of the day, senior housing Move-In Specials and Discounts shouldn’t be the main factor for consideration when making a final decision on which retirement community you move to. Eliminate the specials from the equation and decide which community you prefer. Then, if it happens to have a move-in special it’s a win-win. Your new community may have a move-in coordinator on staff, to assist you in this process. They will serve as your liaison during your transition, including home sales, agent referrals, coordinating with moving companies and even designing the interior of your new home. At Marsh’s Edge, our seasoned Lifestyle Advisors and Move-In Coordinator work in tandem so your move is as seamless and stress-free as possible.