Winterizing Your Home Exterior Checklist

Winter weather is around the corner and securing your home is a priority for homeowners to ensure your home is shielded from the winter weather. We have compiled a short list of winter home maintenance tips to prepare you for the winter ahead.

Exterior Faucets

To avoid expensive water damage and keep your pipes from freezing, expanding and breaking, winterize your exterior faucets. Shut off the valve to your exterior faucets and drain the excess water in the line. (Turn the water off at the shutoff valve) Additionally, detach and relocate your exterior hoses indoors to extend their life.


Survey the exterior of your home and identify any tree limbs that are close to your home or driveway. They are prone to detaching during wind and under the weight of snow and ice. Save your home and vehicles potential damage by removing them before they become a hazard.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on your home. Be sure to clean your gutters, remove all debris and ensure proper down spout drainage. Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your roof, detach due to weight, leak into your home and destroy landscaping.

Lawn & Patio Furniture

Lawn and Patio furniture are designed to be kept outdoors but shouldn’t be subjected to harsh winter elements. Remember to bring the furniture indoors that should not remain outside. Items made with cloth (including chair cushions, pillows, umbrellas) should be stored indoors as the elements can shorten their usage and damage the material.

Garden and Plants

Now is the perfect time to make a cold frame, dig and box in raised flower beds as well as make general repairs. Potted plants create natural patio décor however many of them cannot survive the cold weather. To keep your plants around another year, make sure to bring them inside but check for plant pests first!

At Senior Living Communities, maintenance-free living ensures that our skilled landscaping and maintenance staff will be there to complete all necessary tasks to properly winterize your home.