Top 5 Phone Apps for Seniors

Imagine a place where you can connect with friends and family, order your favorite meal, shop for groceries, hail transportation (ride-sharing), or order a birthday present for someone special… all in the palm of your hand. Smart phone applications or ‘Apps’ are user friendly, all from the comfort of your home! Seniors today may be unable to complete these tasks and having apps is an easy way to tap into the automation and connectivity that the internet provides. When you’re downloading your next app, take these into consideration!

1. Grocery Ordering

Download the app for your local grocery store and purchase your weekly groceries through the app! Getting to the store can be a difficult task for seniors. This app will be able to help you choose everything from fruits and vegetables to frozen foods and deli meats. You’ll even receive the same deals in-store and for a small fee, you’ll save time from walking the aisles or finding that pesky parking spot. Depending on your grocer, you’ll be able to order directly and schedule to have them delivered to your home or you can drive through and pick them up!

Order Groceries Online
Listen to Music on Pandora

2. Pandora / Spotify

Play your favorite music, learn about new genres and similar artists to the ones you’ve loved through Pandora and Spotify. Listen to customized playlists under your favorite genres, artists and time periods. It’s an easy way to enjoy a unique mix of music without having to click through other sites.

3. Google Home / Amazon Alexa

These apps work with the Google Home and Amazon Echo products for home automation. These apps help you control your devices (lights, security system, television, door locks, etc.), play music, set reminders/timers, call friends or order from Amazon! You can perform all of these actions just using your voice.

Use Google Home or Amazon Alexa to make life easier
Join Facebook

4. Facebook

If you haven’t jumped into the world of social media, now is your opportunity. Facebook allows you to connect with old and new friends as well as family. It’s the perfect way to stay in touch by sharing photos, videos and issues that matter to you. Staying in touch online can help you feel connected to friends and family even though they may be far away.

5. Photos

Most people forget this app because it comes standard on every phone that has a camera. Utilize your camera/photos to its fullest capacity – take photos of where you parked your vehicle, a to-do list, important documents, medication labels, etc. It’s a great tool for capturing moments but also allows you to bring along important information, all available at the click of a button!

Use the Photos App on your phone

Disclaimer: Be aware when using any applications and never give out any personal information or security information to strangers. If you’re hesitant, reach out to a friend, family member or legal team before you give out any information or download an application. Maxwell Group, Inc. and Senior Living Communities, LLC. are not responsible for any issues that may occur when downloading applications.