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Sticking With Your New Year Goals

‘What could I have done better?’ ‘How can I make 2017 my best year yet?’ ‘What are my New Year’s resolutions?’ These are the questions we ask ourselves in late December with the New Year rapidly approaching. We create New Year’s Resolutions in order to start the year fresh with new habits and positive changes in our lives. According to data pulled from Google by iQuanti, the most popular resolutions are: Get Healthy, Get Organized, Live Life to the Fullest, Learn New Hobbies, Spend Less/Save More, Travel and Read More. However, mid-to-late January is when the gym begins to clear out, and January 17th has been dubbed ‘Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day’.The reason that people ditch their resolutions so quickly is they are determined to make a large change in their normal daily life. Going from a couch potato to 5-day-a-week gym goer or pack rat to clean freak can be a large, overwhelming change to your daily life especially if it’s something completely new to you. The key to sticking with your resolution is to create a plan with small changes that you can begin to implement slowly instead of changing your entire daily life and suddenly become overwhelmed. For example, if your resolution is to walk more, set yourself an attainable goal and create a time frame when you would like to achieve this goal by. Begin by walking more than usual – by parking your car in the back of the parking lot, every hour take a short walk around your workplace or climb a few flights of stairs on your break. The steps will add up quickly. To keep count and have a friendly competition against your friends and family – purchase a fitness tracker.By starting slow and making small changes to your daily life you’re more likely to stick with your goals than abandon them in the first few weeks of the year.At Senior Living Communities, wellness is at the core of who we are and what we do. We believe wellness is the central piece to remaining independent throughout life and to enjoying life to the fullest. Our Wellness team is here to bring out the best in our Members.