Social Media Resources You Need to Know When Job Searching

Millennials have grown up in a digital age. Watching television and using computers has become more sophisticated than ever imagined. In 2018, social media is at the forefront of hiring in today’s world.

We have been warned for years that social media was going to be a place that would be screened as part of the job application process – and here we are. Some companies do use social media to screen your profile for specific information prior to you being hired. Here are a few easy steps on how to clean of your social media accounts without losing your personal touches!

Aside from screening your profile, employers use their own social media accounts to provide very beneficial information to you, the potential employee. Companies use social platforms to promote their company culture, benefits, and job openings on every platform that you use socially. Looking at company pages and social media accounts is a great way to learn more about a company and help find your next career opportunity with a few clicks.

LinkedIn – Job App

We have been learning more about LinkedIn since it was launched in 2002. This platform is a place for business professionals to connect online, similar to the way users connect with friends on Facebook. LinkedIn is a professional platform for posting statuses, industry related articles, career and life updates to keep up with your professional circles. LinkedIn is becoming more interactive based on updates and features that have been added, including the new Jobs App. You can create your profile and then apply for positions instantly on your phone! The addition, this application has made the process of keeping up with potential job opportunities seamless. Being able to utilize these features to their fullest can create a network of potential employers, mentors, and influencers that will impact your future.

Facebook Jobs

Facebook recently gave users a feature in their marketplace which helps you find the perfect job close to you. You’re able to look up job positions based on a geographic location near you and what your field of interest is. This way, you can see what companies are hiring in your area without going to individual company sites or spending time flipping through those cumbersome hiring websites. Facebook is a one-stop shop for connectivity with employers, friends, and family.

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Have you ever thought about finding a job on Twitter? If not, you should dig in now! As previously mentioned, companies utilize social media to promote their culture, benefits and open positions on various platforms, so you need to look for them! The idea behind promoting these things on social media is to instill FOMO (fear of missing out) within the potential employee and drive them to apply! You can look for specific hashtags that a company consistently uses in their tweets to find the information in one place. This is a way to keep all of their content in one place and for people to find their open positions! Connecting with companies on social media can allow you to see what their values are and how you could fit into that. To make yourself stand out to a potential employer when following them, include your profession in your bio so they know you’re a CNA, RN or marketing guru!



Instagram is a similar platform to Twitter where you do not typically think about connecting with an employer because at the surface level, you think about its connectivity being for social reasons. The core of Instagram is connecting, sharing, and experiencing the things in your life with other people – so this concept is being turned into a hiring method for companies. Companies are sharing the employee culture and experience for potential employees to view and learn more about. You can tell if a company fosters an environment of passion, growth and leadership if their employees feel empowered in their work every day. Instagram is used for hiring through hashtags, tagging and connecting with followers. Show yourself off to potential employers by following and engaging with a company of interest on Instagram.

Thinking about social media as a tool to find jobs and connect with employers can seem daunting because of how personal it can get. In the technological age, you need to consider how beneficial this could be because this is where a lot of companies are going. Understanding where hiring is being done and how you can create more personal connections with companies can make your career thrive in completely new ways.

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