4 Employment Perks at Senior Living Communities

1. No Delay Pay Day

Starting a new job is an equally exciting and stressful experience when you mix in on-boarding, training, and thinking about when your first paycheck will be coming in. Staff who begin their position in the middle of a pay period are at a disadvantage, considering a first paycheck could be up to three weeks away. Senior Living Communities allows team members to get their pay on their first day of employment! They understand that if you need immediate money to pay bills or have an emergency, you won’t have to worry about where that money is coming from. This system allows staff to withdraw their paycheck beginning on their first day through DailyPay, where it is transferred immediately into their bank account. It also allows the team member to catch up to the payroll schedule while still receiving a paycheck when they need it. Ensuring that staff needs are met and they’re secure in their personal lives helps to forge a stronger relationship as a community.

2. Immediate Education Assistance

At Senior Living Communities, identifying and building staff members into leaders is a priority. To ensure staff have the opportunity to grow into their best selves, from the time they begin work they are eligible for the Education Assistance program, Elevate. Whether you’re interested in taking courses to earn your RN or obtaining a CNA certification, it is possible beginning on Day 1 of employment. This takes the financial burden off Team Members and enables them to focus on their education and apply their new skills to support the team and Members at their community.

Education Assistance

3. Flexible Paid Time Off

Everyone loves choices. Senior Living Communities understands that some things in life are not “one size fits all” which is why they have a Flexible PTO plan. If someone is in need of more money and values that over PTO, they simply choose the higher wage band that is paired with our standard PTO option. Similarly, someone who would rather stick with the standard wage can obtain a few more days of PTO. These wage bands are in place to allow Team Members the flexibility to choose which option works best in their life. Additionally, if a team member has five days of PTO remaining at the end of the year, they’re rolled over into the new year OR they can be cashed out for another paycheck. Senior Living Communities wants team members to live their best life personally, while enabling them to focus on caring for residents every day without worry of life’s emergencies.

Daily Pay

4. Daily Pay

Life is full of unexpected obstacles, especially when the floor falls out from under you and you aren’t prepared. Team members at Senior Living Communities have the flexibility to utilize Daily Pay, where you’re are able to receive your paycheck for the day as soon as the shift is completed. This flexibility creates security in having your earnings in-hand immediately, which follows Senior Living Communities Guiding Principle, to ‘Put People First, Always’.

Senior Living Communities continues to follow through with the promise of People First, Always by answering the stressors that team members face in their personal lives. When a company focuses on Team Members’ needs, they can focus on the needs of their job without worrying about external stressors! “People First, Always. We exist to serve our Members. We have a Responsibility to be Full” are the Guiding Principles Senior Living Communities follows every day, at every community to ensure that staff and Members are living their best lives. If you’re interested in a career with Senior Living Communities, click the button below.

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