Retired? Your Social Life is Just Getting Started

There are a variety of stereotypes that come to mind when people discuss retirement and how your social life could be impacted. Your evenings spent playing bingo in a gymnasium and puzzles become your new favorite thing. This does not have to be your reality. In your retirement, with all of the freedom you gain you will be able to explore the world and try something new every day.

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Making a decision to move into a retirement community only means one thing, living better. Allowing yourself to let someone else take the reins on those tedious activities such as cleaning and cooking can free up your time to get back to the things you love to do. This doesn’t mean that life is going to suddenly get boring, the opposite would begin to happen! With maintenance-free living, you are able to host parties at your cottage home or your villa apartment without much hassle. The other benefit of living a maintenance-free life is you’re able to travel without worrying about your home! Having those small things taken care of for you, enables you to do even more with your retirement!

Whether you’re planning on traveling or having grand social events that are hosted by someone else, you can have all the fun! At Senior Living Communities, the Social Directors create monthly Signature Experiences that transform the communities into a day of food, fitness, and fun. Examples of recent signature experiences include a “Turkey Trot”, “Health and Wellness Day”, and “Elvis Visit”.

The Signature Experiences are not the only way that our communities create unique ways to bring Members together. We have a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly activities and trips for our Members to enjoy. You have the ability create a personalized your schedule and establish connections with friends and neighbors. Being in a new environment can seem intimidating, Senior Living Communities makes it easy to form new friendships. Enjoy happy hour in our lounge with a fully stocked bar has a variety of beer, wine, and spirits. If you’re interested in having a drink with a family member or friend, this amenity is available for you.

When you’re focusing on your passions, you begin to live even better. Senior Living Communities believes that any person, at any age, in any condition, can improve their life. The number one goal at our community is to provide every Member with an environment that encourages an independent lifestyle.

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Maxwell Group, LLC and Senior Living Communities owns and operates 13 luxury retirement communities located in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina. At any age, this resort-style community allows your quality of life to increase with countless of services. Offering maintenance free living, a full social calendar, and formal dining will give you the freedom to enjoy your retirement. Our dedicated team members have a proven track record for success and know the importance of encouraging our members to live longer, happier, healthier lives.