Maximizing Your Space in Senior Living

The idea of living in a retirement community can open the door to lingering thoughts of unending conversation with new faces, and the lack of certainty of those quiet moments that are an important part of your life. Just because you’ll be living in a community with neighbors, friends and staff doesn’t mean that you won’t be allowed ‘You’ Time. There is a bit of advice that should be passed onto anyone looking into making a transition to a community, those misconceptions are simply not true. Let your mind be at rest knowing your personal space will remain the same when moving into a retirement community.

At Senior Living Communities, Members embrace true independence which means that staff will not be in their shadows or limiting their schedules. Our communities foster an environment where Members are able to stay as independent for as long as they can. This takes form in various ways based on the services that you or your loved one may need.

Senior Living Cottages at Cascades Verdae

Independent Living Villa Apartments and Cottage Homes are available to customize before move-in. Whether it’s the flooring or carpet, cabinetry, wall pattern and in some cases layout, it’s 100% yours to do what you please. This space is your own and you’re able to decorate and design it however you see fit. This is the perfect way to create your personal oasis and gives you the tranquil environment enjoy your favorite activities and events with family and friends.

Live Long Well Care is a sister company to Senior Living Communities and provides in-home health services. This allows Independent Living Members to stay independent and have as much help as they need in their own home without moving. Their services include Companion Care, Personal Care, Pet Services, Respite Care, Homemaker Services, Nursing Care and Live In & Overnight Care. Live Long Well Care, ensures that you are able to set the schedule, including how long you want someone in your home for a day. This means that there is plenty of time for yourself.

Cottage Home Interior

While the community may be bustling with friends, staff and neighbors, there’s always the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time throughout the community. The variety of shared community amenities make that easy, whether you’re looking to take some solo laps in the pool, head outside for a walk in the garden, enjoy a good book the library or create artwork in the activities room, there’s always a place outside of your home where you can find your own space to enjoy your favorite activities.

Maintaining independence throughout your life is vital to the happiness you’re going to experience. That isn’t going to change as you make the move into a community, it will morph into a different shape but the same idea. By allowing someone to take on some of the tedious tasks of your life, you can put more energy into the things you truly enjoy. Establishing what your personal space is going to look like in a community will open your life to the freedom that comes with retirement.