Home Safety During The Holidays

The holidays are a time for celebration! Whether you’re entertaining at home or traveling to be with loved ones make sure that your home is prepared and secure. Here are a few holiday tips to make sure that your home is ready for holiday fun.
  1. By ordering online can get you great deals on gifts but when the packages show up, you want to make sure that your packages aren’t going to fall into the wrong hands. To deter thieves, request that you package be held at your local post office and you can pick them up at your convenience. Have packages delivered to your workplace so they won’t be vulnerable on your doorstep. Additionally, the use of signature confirmation can ensure the package is delivered to you directly.
  2. Empty homes are easy targets for thieves and advertising your absence can be an easy tip off that nobody is home. Have a trusted neighbor or friend collect your mail and newspaper so it doesn’t stack up. Additionally, installing timers to turn indoor lights on and off during evening hours can keep your home bright and ‘occupied’ while you’re away.
  3. Keep your travel plans offline. If you are planning to travel during the holidays make sure to keep it off of your social media platforms. Posting statuses and pictures of your travels is an easy way to tip off thieves. Never post where you’re going and when you’re leaving / coming back as it’s an easy way for thieves to target your vacant home.
  4. During the holidays, one in every three home Christmas tree fires is caused by electrical problems and December is the peak time of year for home candle fires. Be sure to inspect string light strands to make sure that there are no frayed cords, broken bulbs that can easily light a fire. Additionally, being aware of burning candles and extinguishing them correctly will reduce the risk of unattended candle fires.
  5. Conceal your valuables and gifts. Keep valuable items out of sight from people outside of your home. After the holiday, boxes and empty containers can indicate what you may have received and now have in your home. Break down boxes to put in with other recyclables and put empty containers into the trash can.
Keep your home safe during the holidays by using these tips! Safety and Security at Senior Living Communities comes with peace of mind. Our members know that help is there every hour of every day, with 24-hour security, concierge and staff, there is never a worry about safety. The entire community, including every home, is equipped with best in class security measures, to assure you and your loved ones are safe and secure no matter what.