Finding Trusted Guidance for Retirement Planning

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When beginning the journey towards retirement, there are many future uncertainties. The grandeur of retirement is what working professionals strive to achieve following a long tenure, culminating with a long-awaited celebration surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues. Throughout your career, you’ll work, save, and invest those earnings as a nest egg to prepare. But when that moment comes… what’s next? Nobody has told you what to expect in retirement.

When choosing to move into a community, finding trusted advocates and advisors to help guide you through the journey towards retirement is an important step. Our community Lifestyle Advisors are ready to take on that role for you. Their role is to support and counsel seniors and their families about the benefits of a senior living community, whether it ends up being ours or elsewhere. For our Lifestyle Advisors, this means focusing on the individuals that walk into their office and understanding the decisions that led them to their door. Our Lifestyle Advisors sit down and listen to where you came from and what life experiences you’ve had to form you into the person you are today. Lastly, we discuss your retirement needs and imagine your perfect retirement; we offer more help and less responsibility.

The transition to a senior living community can take anywhere from 1.5 – 2 years, and the goal of a Lifestyle Advisor is to prepare the stepping stones to make it a guided journey. Our Lifestyle Advisors give seniors the necessary information, connect them with a financial advisor, and introduce them to the community. Our goal is to become the thing seniors envision for themselves in their retirement.

retirement couple

Our Lifestyle Advisors are there to dive deep into the background of the seniors and their families to ensure that their needs will be met. Working closely with a Lifestyle Advisor allows you to discuss the tough questions that are associated with senior living. They talk you through the pros, cons, and the financial questions you need to consider during this transition. These questions include “Why can’t I stay home?”, “What about in-home care?”, “What is my support system like?” Identifying the answers to these questions can be difficult but necessary when planning for retirement.

Our Lifestyle Advisors are proud to be an advocate for those who are looking to move into a senior living community. They are there to provide a worry-free future for both the senior and their families. We would like to give families the opportunity to enjoy their loved one’s newly found freedom in retirement.