Finding Local Resources for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Someone you love was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. What comes next? This diagnosis can bring up an entire spectrum of emotions such as Anger, Relief, Depression, Fear, and Sense of Loss which can be overwhelming. Finding a support system locally is important to understand this disease and what the future will look like. Doctors, friends, family, and local organizations are all great ways to surround yourself with love and support.

The Alzheimer’s Association:

Care Training Resources

If you’re taking on the role of a Caregiver, researching the important mechanisms to productively assume this role protects yourself and loved one. Understanding the different levels of care, you need to provide, communication strategies, and how to protect yourself from caregiver burnout. These are necessary research topics to be an effective caregiver, The Alzheimer’s Association is there to support you.

Finding Your Local Chapter

The Alzheimer’s Association has created a portal that allows you to locate your local chapter! Most states have multiple chapters, allowing you to connect with a local chapter close to you. The local chapters work daily to create opportunities for those who have been affected by the disease. Taking an active role in local events, fundraisers, and support groups allow you to play an active role in this process. Become an activist for your loved ones.

In-Person Support Groups

There are many groups that offer, personal support in your moments of need. Using the resources that are provided by the Alzheimer’s Associate will help you locate the local support groups in your area. Surrounding yourself with others who are in a similar situation as you, can lift you up. Creating connections where you can learn the different ways others have taken on the responsibility of caring for others, the daily routines they have established, and how they appreciate every day.

Online Community

For those who never can find enough hours in the day, there is an online forum for both Caregivers and those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Whether you’re a caregiver, a family member, a friend, an individual who has lost someone to Alzheimer’s, or someone living with the disease, there is a place for you.

The Caregiver Space

The Caregiver Space is a non-profit organization that provides support and tips for Caregivers. Providing those who are caring for various different situations a safe place to feel supported. Join the Facebook group here.

Finding these resources will eliminate the feeling of being alone. Brain diseases can appear to have a profound impact on your life, but support groups can help take away some of the stress. There are others who are going through this situation too so take advantage of the advice they could provide.