Family First Activities for Every Generation

Family involvement grows more important has time passes and the generational gap becomes larger. As we all age, our interests change and we’re continually looking for new forms of entertainment that we can participate in by ourselves and with others. Watching your parent or grandparent move into a retirement community could leave you to believe that you will be consistently visiting to play bingo, shuffleboard, or watching television. Breaking down the conventional stereotypes of retirement living is what Senior Living Communities focuses on.


Each campus has amenities and activities for Members to use and bring their guests to participate. This allows Members the chance to showcase the assortment of activities and events that they participate in each day to their visiting friends and family. Understanding the importance of family involvement is what our Social Directors focus on when creating their monthly event calendars. We have Member events such as our clubs and gatherings as well as their month Signature Experiences. However, there are unique opportunities for families to join in the fun with intergenerational activities and dining. These are events where Members are able to spend time with their children and grandchildren whether it’s a Brunch with Santa or casual catch-up over a glass of wine. Having a community where our Members and their families can share experiences together is a top goal at Senior Living Communities. It’s important for our Members to have experiences that connect to their grandkids who they may otherwise feel disconnected from because of the lack of shared interests.


Members and their families have the ability to rent out a private dining room if they want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or grandchild’s graduation for an intimate gathering. The Dining Services Team composes menus and the host has the ability to have the chef prepare ‘Grandma’s Fried Chicken’ or her ‘Famous Baked Ziti’ as that perfect family gathering staple. Personalizing each experience allows our communities to feel like home. We host elaborate dinners at our communities, where we invite our Members to bring their families to meet their friends and dine in the community’s signature restaurant.

“We Exist To Serve Our Members” is one of Senior Living Communities’ Guiding Principles that leadership and staff adhere to. Putting people first means that each decision that goes into the community from the care to social events are curated with Members and their families in mind to provide an excellent living experience. This is why creating opportunities for our Members to stay involved with their family’s lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about Senior Living Communities, visit our website to see which community that you’ll like to call home.

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