Find Yourself at a Fair This Year!

Everything You Need to Know about Your Local Fair

Close your eyes, imagine yourself surrounded by smiling people, glowing multi-colored lights that are blinking in sync, and the smell of sweet dough and confectionary sugar traveling through your nostrils. Where are you standing? At the Fair! The yearly event that is full of fried everything (Have you ever tried a fried Oreo?), award winning livestock, culinary delights and all the fun you can handle in one day. Growing up, many people associated the transitioning seasons with the excitement of the fair which was just a few weeks away.

The fair is a world of wonders waiting to be explored. Walking through the bustling paths, stalls and booths you’ll hear vendors yelling about their unique procession hidden behind the curtains, trying to rope you in. The temptation to see the World’s Largest Horse, a five-legged sheep, a snake child, a 500 pound pumpkin and more sparks your curiosity to spend those tickets!

Fair food is on a whole other level. Many attend the fair for the food alone since you can get a variety of culinary treats and the staple of fair food.. fried anything! You can find yourself looking over a menu that reads: Fried Mac and Cheese, Fried Oreos, Turkey Legs, Frito Pie, etc. There are very few places you are going to be able to find a fried PB & J French Toast sandwich or grilled frog legs! Try something new for your palate, tantalize your senses! Don’t forget to cool off with an ice-cold lemonade or fried Kool-Aid!

fair aerial
smiles at the fair

The screams, laughs, smiles and awe are where you find amusement rides for every age and every level of thrill seeker! Ensuring that you hit all of the classics is must, do not miss the carousel just because you think you’re too old for it. The Ferris Wheel is the most whimsical experience – it gives you the best view of the entire fairgrounds while having a moment for yourself with friends and loved ones! Fairs are notorious for creating an antigravity experience, no strapping in, just trusting the way gravity and motion work.. just hold on to your stomach.

If you’re thinking about going to the Fair for the first time, it is a must do experience. Being able to enjoy all the fun things that it has to offer is something you can’t compare to anywhere else!

North Carolina State Fair: October 11- 21, 2018
South Carolina State Fair: October 10 – 21, 2018
Florida State Fair: February 7 – 18, 2019
Indiana State Fair: August 2 – 18, 2019
Connecticut State Fair: Dates Vary based on County (check here to view your local fair date)