Breaking Down the Monthly Fees at Senior Living Communities

Retirement, aging, growing up. We are all moving towards retirement as we age and as you’re getting closer, the realization that there isn’t a one size fits all option is evident. Each situation is unique and preparing for a transition to a senior living community for yourself, your partner, or your parent can be difficult to face. Making sense of the fees that are associated with retirement living can be complicated. The monthly fees tend to sound too large, enabling the worrying to begin. Breaking down the monthly fee and understanding how much is included will change your perspective, eliminating that worry.

It is important to take the steps towards productively grasping the various parts of this transitional time. Being informed about your current finances and to prepare for the future, it is best to work with a financial advisor to ensure your assets are protected and you’re able to accomplish your goals in retirement. They will explain the different options and guide you through choosing the best one for your situation. Once you have a senior living community in mind, working with their advisors to ensure the services offered are financially suitable and meet every need.

Our Lifestyle Advisors are there to advocate for the best option for you, regardless of what community you decide. They will walk you through the various amenities that a community has to offer and connect your financial situation to a solution that will best fit your needs. Establishing a trusted relationship that invites clarity into the decision, they will take you through the decision, step by step. For our advisors, this looks like breaking down the costs involved with a community, so you feel confident knowing there are no hidden costs.

The monthly fees that are associated with a retirement community cover everything involved in your daily living. After meeting with trusted advisors, you have effectively identified the needs you are looking to for a community to meet. Monthly fees are broken down in an all-inclusive price structure to meet those needs. Included in the pricing are things such as medication security, housekeeping, transportation, maintenance services, flexible dining programs, and more. One check covers it all.

Maintenance Free Living

The maintenance-free lifestyle available at communities is life changing. Allowing a team of dedicated staff to come into your life to provide support creates new opportunities. If you’re in need of a replacement lightbulb, filter for your air system, or anything of the sorts, our maintenance team is over in a flash. Our single monthly fee covers more than physical upkeep of your home. The fee includes your property taxes, utilities, internet, and cable too. Taking these expenses out of your mind, putting them into one check enables your mind to focus on how you want to enjoy your retirement.

Years of planning lead up to this moment and taking the proper steps, with trusted individuals makes the decision easier. Allow one of our Lifestyle Advisors to guide you through this decision towards the luxury retirement you’ve been dreaming of. Find the closest Senior Living Communities or Wellmore to you here.