Better to Be Seasoned and Happy Than Young and Claustrophobic.

Why I’d rather be in an assisted living community than the NBA bubble.

In full disclosure, I was never an NBA player (think, Joe Pesci’s character in The Super). Always an NBA fan and sometimes the outdoor basketball court entertainer who relied on a hook shot too often. I’ve been a fan for decades and decades, watching the flow of the game change and the athletic ability of the players soar.

Also, I’m not habitual in comparing my situation to others in hopes of making myself feel better. It’s just that I love where I’m at in my age, armed with the understanding of how to squeeze the most out of it. I made the smart decision to move into an Assisted Living community before anyone thought I needed to. I took control, not of control freak tendencies, I’m just ahead of the curve.

As I’ve been following the NBA and its current playoff setting, many similarities between their situation and mine have unfolded. The NBA bubble, as with Assisted Living Communities, have implemented stringent restrictions, rightfully so. I’d bet, though, that the NBA bubble has delivered more surprises. Right off the whistle there’s an unfamiliar living space that’s much less accommodating than the norm. Becoming acclimated to a smaller room, stiffer mattress and sulfur heavy water isn’t too friendly. I imagine for players, coaches and referees, the absence of an in-person audience is one of the most startling differences. It’s debatable whether that last one’s actually a disadvantage. Maybe not until late in the playoffs when tired bodies typically lifted by an adrenaline surge from the thousands of roaring fans, will the crowds be missed. I can always use a small amount of that rush when powering through my Wednesday’s core and flexibility class.

As I flowed through my week, I began thinking about all my wins compared to the NBA bubble.

  • Maintaining social interactions, albeit from a distance
  • A familiar setting with a comfortable apartment I can call my own
  • Fine dining and access to our Executive Chef, a proven top professional
  • I won’t need to put an asterisk next to my name for 2020
  • We can have guests, even agents (maybe the agent part isn’t a win)
  • Chicken wings without the extra hassle
  • No snitch line to cause worry after Mrs. Johnson places a 3rd call before noon
  • I’m not as tired and sore since we’re not cramming in games on shortened schedule. If it’s one thing I don’t want, it’s to shorten my season!

I’m fortunate to have an entire community of caring professionals aligning their efforts to keep me and all of us here safe, healthy and happy. That in itself is a win. Having our amazing team looking out for us, affords us an indelible sense of peace, while eliminating the worries and burdens from our loved ones. It’s truly remarkable how people have come together during adversity.

I sincerely hope everyone is looking out for one another inside the bubble. To the many who are contributing to the magnanimous effort in delivering an NBA season, your sacrifice to entertain us deserves praise. Know that we are thankful. And know that I am super happy, right where I am. Championship level happy.