5 Outdoor Decorations for the Fall

When the cold weather begins to set in and the long summer days are suddenly getting shorter, you know that fall on its way. The fall season is full of vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and natural elements. While you’re surrounded by the beautiful landscapes, take your outdoor areas to the next level. If you’re feeling lost, try these ideas to create a fall oasis in your front or back yard.

fall wreath

1. Wreath

Making a great first impression is important, don’t let your front door be an exception! A wreath can create a welcoming feel to guests as they are approaching your home. Take the opportunity to create a homemade leaf or glorious gourd wreath with some inspiration from Pinterest. Whatever direction you’re headed, create a fall feeling every day when you arrive home.

welcome mat

2.Outdoor Welcome Mat

This easy touch of personalization for your front porch can add a lot to your outdoor décor. There are many welcome mats that will compliment your fall feeling that can be found at Target, Home Goods, Lowes, and even Amazon! Don’t let the feeling of being “overly festive” stop you from rolling out the welcome mat for friends and family.

family fun

3.Pumpkins, many, many pumpkins!

Pumpkins are the symbol of the season which means they need a special place in your fall décor. Take this opportunity to involve your family by partaking in an annual pumpkin carving night! Have everyone gather, sip a bit of apple cider, and tell spooky stories. Using pumpkins as a decoration doesn’t need to stop at one single pumpkin near your front door, build you own pumpkin patch. Take an afternoon to find the big, small, and, cute pumpkins to display, they come in a variety colors and are the perfect seasonal decor!

decorative barrel

4. Barrels

Choosing a wooden barrel for your décor will add a rustic feel to the front entrance of your home. The best part is, it can be continuously updated for seasonality! You can transform it into a large flower pot, to be on display for the neighborhood. Filling it with beautiful Pansy’s, Chrysanthemum’s, or Helenium’s. Rich beautiful fall colors will boost your porch this fall, add a few pumpkins or gourds will solidify theme.

fall garland

5. Fun Fall Garland

Taking a piece of décor that is typically associated with the December Holiday season and putting an autumn twist on it will make the front of you house pop! Wrap leaves around your handrails, and door frame will create that fall feelin’ everyone is craving! Make it glow in the evenings by adding purple and orange lights for an illuminated doorway!

Even though end of the year decorating is typically associated with the December holidays, don’t be afraid to take fall seriously. These months are all about the colors, scents, and warm feeling that comes when autumn rolls around. Enjoy it, cherish it, and start decorating!