5 Low Impact Exercises

5 Low Impact Exercises to Make Your Summer Better!

Stay active in the heat this summer with low-impact exercise and have fun doing it! What is Low-Impact Exercise? Low impact exercise places less stress on different parts of your body, ultimately reducing the risk of injury. Here are a few ideas to keep it low impact this summer and enjoy the outdoors:

1. Tennis

Grab a partner and catch a few rays outside playing tennis! This is an activity that can be something easy to keep you moving. Tennis is easy on your arms and will give you a good workout cardio workout without straining your respiratory system.

2. Yoga

Yoga is typically an indoor activity but bringing your yoga mat outside will let you enjoy fresh air and natural light while leaning into poses. Being able to stretch your body in a few simple moves and utilizing natural light can increase the endorphins coming from your body.


3. Gardening

This everyday activity that will benefit your garden and your muscles! Gardening is a good way for you to get outside, get dirty, and reap the reward!

4. Tai Chi

Similar to yoga, this class can be moved outside to increase the experience you’re receiving. You will be able to channel your balance and inner peace while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

5. Cycling

Biking is a solid alternative to walking if you’re trying to get a little more cardio in your workout. Biking is very low impact for your body and it’ll keep you moving. Check out local bike paths and trails in your area!

Take some time to plan low impact exercises throughout your week, these activities will keep you active throughout the summer and can be enjoyed with friends and family! To keep up with your overall heartrate or distances throughout these activities, purchase a fitness tracker! Staying ahead of your wellness should be a key part of your weekly routine because it can greatly impact your long-term health.

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