Low Impact Exercise for Seniors for Overall Wellness

Low impact exercise protects yourself from injury as you age. Participating in these assists you in maintaining and strengthening your muscles.

For most people, staying active will ebb and flow due to changes in lifestyle, injuries and health conditions. While some think that going to the fitness center can seem to be a cumbersome process, staying active can include activities both inside and outside of a fitness center setting. Low impact exercise will place less stress on your body, ultimately reducing the risk of injury and ensuring that you’re able to continue your health.

Staying active throughout your life may not always seem easy, but it can be. There are a variety of ways to exercise daily and have fun while doing it! Low impact exercise places less stress on different parts of your body, ultimately reducing the risk of injury. Here are a few ideas to keep it low impact when getting in your daily movement:

1. Tennis

Grab a partner and get the advantage point! This is an activity that can keep you moving. Tennis is easy on your arms and will give you a good cardio workout without straining your respiratory system. Go as fast or slow when playing as you like!

2. Yoga

Yoga is an activity that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors and is good for your muscles! Being able to stretch your body in a few simple moves can increase the endorphins in your body while enhancing your stability and increasing flexibility.


3. Gardening

This everyday activity that will benefit your garden and muscles! Gardening is outside lets you enjoy the fresh air, get dirty, and reap the reward!

4. Tai Chi

Similar to yoga, this class can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors and does wonders for your balance, stability, flexibility and muscular development. This practice involved meditation and deep breathing which can relieve stress and improve mood.

5. Cycling

Biking is an alternative to walking if you’re looking to incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your workout. Biking has a low impact on your body and will continuously keeps you moving. Check out local bike paths and trails in your area for a fun day outdoors and If it’s raining, opt for a stationary bike.

6. Water Aerobics

Aquatic fitness is an alternative to a traditional fitness center workout but with the added benefits of water. Water supports the body, putting less stress on your joints and muscles. While working out in water helps build strength and pushing against the water activates your muscles.

7. Racquetball

As an alternative to tennis, racquetball is a great way to work on your coordination and cardio without the impact. It provides improvement in balance, flexibility, bone strength, heart health, stress relief, and much more. As a weight-bearing exercise, racquetball makes your bones and muscles stronger, while slowing bone loss.

Take some time to plan low impact exercises throughout your week, these activities will keep you active throughout the year and can be enjoyed with friends. To keep up with your overall heart rate or distances throughout these activities, purchase a fitness tracker! Staying ahead of your wellness should be a key part of your weekly routine because it can greatly impact your long-term health.

Our communities offer a unique combination of wellness classes each month. These classes create opportunities to focus on your physical and mental health by breaking the mold of typical fitness classes. At Senior Living Communities, we are committed to helping our Members live longer, healthier, happier lives.