5 Last Minute Gifts For Your Friends and Family

Looking for that perfect last minute gift? As the time ticks away and your shipping date is after the holidays, finding those perfect last minute holiday presents can be challenging. Check out our list of the perfect last minute holiday gifts for your friends and family this year!

1. “The Gift of Time”


This might seem like an ‘everyday gift’ as everyone uses a calendar but spice it up! Add in one special day each month to plan for dinner, game-night or cocktails with your friends or family! Setting aside that time each month is the perfect way to spend time without having to coordinate your schedules at the last minute!

2. “The Gift of Experience”


Memories of events are timeless and it’s always fun to attend a show! We’re not talking $500 front-row seats to the biggest show of the year (unless you’re really looking to impress them), but a fun event which your recipient could attend with their significant other or friend! Think of a local comedy show, theatre production or mystery-dinner! They’re sure to enjoy it!


3. “The Gift of a Full Belly”


The way to the heart is through the stomach, right? Hand-pick an array of snacks you know your recipient will love! Try visiting World Market or the International Foods Section of your local store to grab some unique candy, crackers or drinks they might like! BONUS: These are also perfect little stocking stuffers!

4. “The Gift of Interior Decor”


Add that perfect touch to their indoor space! Head to your local nursery or home improvement store and check out their array of indoor plants! Plants such as succulents, cactuses and orchids live year-round indoors and they’re the perfect pop of green to a home!

5. “The Gift from The Heart”

Craft Away

Create something from the heart. Head to your local craft depot and create a meaningful gift for your significant other or friend! Write them 12 notes, one for each month or put together a photo/scrapbook album of all your fun times this past year. Include ticket stubs, receipts, photographs and more from the events you attended together!

While the holidays might seem like they’re about the perfect gift, the greatest gift of the holidays is spending time with friends and family. The connections and memories made during this time of year are priceless. Whatever you do, decide to make fun memories with people you love this holiday season.