5 Holiday Activities for The Whole Family

Family members come from far and wide to celebrate, eat, gift, and toast – it’s the magic of the holidays. Spending time with your family during the holidays is always time well-spent. Having activities which the whole family, young and old can participate in, is a challenge, so we created a list of 5 holiday activities for your whole family to enjoy together.

picking out a tree

1. Picking Out a Tree

Visiting a farm to choose that perfect tree is a great way to get the holiday season started right! Grab a cup of hot chocolate and meander through rows of trees with your family to pick out that perfect tree!

enjoying a holiday lights display

2. Enjoying a Holiday Lights Display

Walk or drive to a holiday lights display in your area! Whether you’re looking for a paid drive through display with a Christmas Village at the end or checking out a free display in a local neighborhood, it’s a joy to take in the lights! Let everyone in your party decide which ones were their favorite!

Playing Games

3. Playing Games

In the evening after dinner, take a seat with your family at the dining room table or in the family room for game night! Whether it’s Monopoly, Scrabble or Charades, there’s bound to be laughs and someone who takes the game too seriously. For those adventurers, try one of the new favorites such as Codename, etc….

Cooking and Baking

4. Cooking and Baking

Chopping, Stirring, Mixing and Decorating! Putting together a family dinner or baking delicious goodies allows for quality time together. Bonus, you’ll also get a delicious meal and sweet treats at the end!


5. Driving

Griswold family vacation time! Getting to your holiday destination with the whole family (plus the family dog) packed tight in the car might not seem exciting. But it’s time spent together reminiscing about fun times, singing, catching up on life events and speaking with each other makes everyone feel closer. There’s nothing more precious.