11 Tips for Motivation While Searching for a Job

When you’re looking for a job it can seem endless, submitting application after application only to hear nothing back. Staying positive is imperative and so is believing it is going to pay off and you’re going to find the perfect fit! Finding the right ways to keep yourself motivated and positive can be vital to your mental health and help make this process easier. We have created a list of methods to fuel your motivation while swimming in the job pool. Check them out below:

1. Get a Mentor

When you are neck deep in job applications and feeling like you are losing your direction, having a mentor can help you through it. Someone who has been there and will walk you through the important paths to take can be beneficial and help rationalize your stress!

2. Talk to your Employed Friends

When you are conversing with people who are in the workforce, it can help you learn more about various industries and opportunities. They can be insiders to openings that their companies have and may help network you into an interview!

Get a mentor, Talk to you employed friends
Eat healthy

3. Eat Healthy

Finding yourself in a rut in any aspect of your life, you can lose sight of things that make you feel good! When you’re properly nourishing your body – that means you’re going to fuel yourself to have more energy throughout the day and feel better overall!

4. Find a Killer Work Out Class

Working out can be a drag for some people, unless you find the perfect work out class for you! That means you could try a few different types – Pilates, Barre, Yoga, CrossFit, or Cycling! There is something out there that can get you your daily amount of exercise and help you feel passionate in a new hobby!

5. Try a New Job-Search Technique

If searching for jobs is repetitive and you feel like you’re not making any head way in the job hunt, switch it up! Every few days find new ways to search for jobs – look on Instagram for Careers pages, Facebook Jobs, or visit LinkedIn! Job searching doesn’t need to be boring so switch it up to stay motivated.

6. Don’t Listen to The News

The news can be negative to those who are trying to find their next career move. Every industry and city are different so taking that into consideration is very important because the numbers don’t always matter. Don’t let them get your confidence down and create negative thoughts about what your success is going to look like.

7. Think “Glass Half Full”

Keeping a positive attitude is a key part of this narrative – you can’t get through this job search without adopting a “glass half full” mentality. Focusing on the fact that things consistently don’t work out can really wear on your mental state, so keeping this in mind will help ensure you’re going to get through this.

8. Take a break during the job hunt

This may seem counterintuitive because you’re supposed to be landing your next job, but everyone needs a break. Find one day and one activity that you can dedicate to yourself – not the job search!

9. Get Constructive Criticism about Your Resume

Learning to take constructive criticism about your work is very important to your career, so make changes early. Have someone you trust read through your resume and cover letter to see if they can help you with wording and grammatical errors!

10. Find media that inspires you

In times of high stress and low motivation, finding people and things that motivate you to keep going are imperative! Whether it is your favorite celebrity or an influencer who is very open about real experiences they have gone through – find those media outlets that inspire you to keep going!

11. Focus on keeping a positive mental & physical state

Overall, you can do so many different things to keep yourself motivated but it is incredibly important to have a positive mental and physical state because self-health is always a priority! Maintaining good overall health will allow you to truly focus on the job hunt in the end.

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