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10 Things You Gain from Becoming a CNA

Close your eyes, think about how your future would look in a given career. Would you join the military, go to trade school, or attend a college? These are just a few options for when you’re re-evaluating where your career path is going. When you’re planning for the future, challenge yourself to think about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. You have the ability to grow personally and professionally within this field. If you’re wondering what that could look like, here are a few benefits of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

1. Job Stability

Something you will never have to worry about when it comes to becoming a CNA is stability. According to, the 10-year projected growth of this position is 17% – which means there is an increasing need for CNAs to join the field. Therefore, there is a growing demand for positions and job stability will be easier to come-by. If you find yourself in a position where you need to relocate, there will be a CNA position for you wherever you’re headed.


2. Flexibility

When you’re looking for a job – flexibility can be important depending on your personal life. There are three shifts available for Certified Nursing Assistants to consider working, meaning you have the flexibility to negotiate and control the hours you work. Having a work-life balance is important to your mental health so finding a career where you have flexibility is necessary.

3. Emotionally Rewarding

One of the main reasons a person chooses to become a CNA stems from the emotionally rewarding aspects of the work they do for their patients. You have the chance to impact the lives of people based on the care you provide. When you can see the impact you’re having on someone else’s life, you will understand why this job is rewarding. The relationships you build with the community residents and their families will impact you for the rest of your life.

4. Affordability

Becoming certified as a Nursing Assistant is not expensive in comparison to other programs. Many companies are dedicated to education advancement programs for employees through tuition assistance programs. By taking advantage of these benefits you can build your skills set and résumé.

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5. Enriching Work Experience

Not only can you have an emotionally rewarding experience out of this career path, but also it can provide you with training that will help you become a more well-rounded nurse. People generally learn more through experiences they gain over the years. This position will provide you with a good foundation and hands on experience. Becoming a CNA can be an enriching starting point for careers in health care.

6. Opportunity to Specialize

While you’re getting experience as a nursing assistance, you’ll have the chance to explore different specializations and certifications to obtain. Exploring the various interests you have can help you decide what you’re more passionate about to narrow your specialization down. There are specializations in geriatrics, psychiatry, home care, pediatrics, and cardiology. Taking the time to fully explore each of these concentrations will help you select what your certification will be. There are rewarding aspects to each concentration, so deciding to follow through with any option will be a great choice.

7. Growing Job Market

Talk about a prime time to get into an industry, this job market is not going to be slowing down anytime soon. This position is growing faster than any other job in the U.S with an average growth of 18% by 2024. An average of around 300,000 new CNAs will be needed to meet the demand. With those statistics, now is the time to jump on this career path and run to get certified as soon as possible.

8. Every Day is Different

No one wants to be bored while they’re on the job, nor do they want every single day to be the same. When you’re a CNA, you can never anticipate the same thing every day because that would be inaccurate to how it is in reality. The patients’ needs will change every day and your tasks are going to be different every day. The only thing you can anticipate is how you’re going to make someone smile today and how today will be better than the last.

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9. Opportunity to Travel

As a CNA, you will have the opportunity to travel throughout your career. While single location positions are available, there are also contract positions based on need. Having the chance to obtain contracts from around the country gives you the flexibility to travel, practice, and experience new things personally as well as professionally. This is a great way for you to create a work-life balance for yourself as you’ll have the opportunity to work in your area of expertise and explore new places!

10. Continued Education

As a CNA, you work side-by-side with a Registered Nurse and people from other medical fields every day. This could open your mind to opportunities for further education. Obtaining a new degree such as an LPN, RN, or BSN will be easier with the help of your hands-on experience from your work as a CNA. There are countless programs around the country that offer classes to come a Registered Nurse. Even better is if you can find a company that will support you through a program.


These are just a handful of reasons why becoming a CNA can change your life in an incredible way. You have the opportunity to make an impact not just on your own life, but on the lives of others. The ability to see how your efforts are affecting other people can be indescribably rewarding.

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