Marsh’s Edge
St. Simons Island, Georgia Retirement Community

Marsh’s Edge is located on St. Simons Island, Georgia near Brunswick.

Whether you are an extrovert or introvert…happily married, divorced or a widower…looking for yourself or someone you love…one thing is for certain: Being in our communities can add value to your life.

We’ve designed our communities to be a place where people feel secure. With a gated entrance and 24-hour staffing, we’ve created diversions against criminal activity.

Being around people of the same generation with shared interests and similar lifestyles creates peace of mind as one transitions through the life of being a senior adult. With the added promise of fantastic parties and other amenities, the energy that flows within the community invigorates the minds and lives of our members, motivating them to enjoy and make the most of every day and every opportunity.

The underlying principle is that our communities are simply about living life to the fullest. Sounds cliché, but it nevertheless is proved true time and time again by our members.

Marsh's Edge Aerial
Cottage Homes at Marsh's Edge
Wellness at Marsh's Edge
Dining at Marsh's Edge

Independent Senior Living in St. Simons Island, Georgia

Marsh’s Edge senior living retirement community, also known as an Active Adult Retirement Community, affords members the opportunity to continue to live the way they are currently. Maintaining your current lifestyle is our goal and we provide the services and amenities that benefit your continued independence:

  • Maintenance-free living – we are your plumbers, electricians and landscapers
  • Weekly Housekeeping – when needed, we are your housekeepers
  • Daily Dining – personal chefs for casual dining or fine dining with friends
  • Bill Payment – we take the stress out of paying multiple bills, you write one check
  • Transportation – we can serve as your chauffeur, but only if needed
  • Safety – 24-hour emergency call system
  • Pets Welcome – pets are family, so we invite them to stay!
  • Bring Your Own Furniture – feel at home, we invite you to bring your favorite pieces



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