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Wednesday , November , 25 2015

Iconic Pop Culture Calendar

Crafted by members of Senior Living Communities

Lights, Camera, Photo Shoot!

Imagine reliving your favorite iconic pop culture moments by actually starring as the main characters! Members from Senior Living Communities recently had the chance to make this dream a reality.

Inspired by a viral news piece that circulated in early 2014 featuring the Contilia Retirement Group from Essen, Germany, Members from each SLC community recreated iconic pop culture scenes to form an 18-month calendar (August 2014 – January 2016 ).

Members had a blast designing costumes, searching for the perfect props, and actually getting camera ready the day of the shoot. Through the magic of green screen (and of course some Photoshop) Members photos actually came to life!

Each community came together on their own to create two photos for this amazing 18-month spread. The photos are fun and sometimes hilarious! Members were thrilled with being asked to not only participate but to use their vision to create these memorable scenes. Some Members were even asked for their autograph after the shoot! They felt like movie stars.

See if you can recognize these iconic scenes by viewing all 18 amazing photos here:



If you'd like to order a calendar for yourself or as a gift, you may order through our PayPal account below, or simply contact Julie Jones by phone 704-815-7349 or via email at JJones@Senior-Living-Communities.com.

Proceeds from each calendar purchase will go to a local charity chosen by each community.
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